Industrial Vacuum Hose

Industrial Vacuum Hose

If you need an industrial vacuum hose, then there are some options available that have especially been designed to maximize operator comfort as well as safety. Of course, it is also important to go for an industrial vacuum hose that does not have static grounding. Such an industrial vacuum hose however can only be used for a limited number of applications.

Industrial vacuum –price factor etc

Before selecting an industrial vacuum hose, you should look at the price factor, flexibility, durability and the smoothness of its exterior. A smooth exterior will ensure that the industrial vacuum hose can be pulled along easily around the vacuum.

Standard Duty

You may also want to use an industrial vacuum hose that offers standard duty. Such an industrial vacuum hose is ideally suited for use with industrial applications that are of a light nature and where there is no issue regarding static conductivity. Such an industrial vacuum hose is also available at a reasonable cost and offers good flexibility and is food grade. Its interiors will be smooth and it also offers pretty good durability. The only problem with such an industrial vacuum hose is that it is not able to provide static conductivity.

Heavy-duty flex

The heavy-duty flex industrial vacuum hose is a type of hose that is very popular. However, such a hose is only available in larger sizes and this is because it needs to be more durable for its weight and it also has to be more flexible. It has a tubing made of 0.125 inch urethane and is supported with some PVC helix.

Such an industrial vacuum hose is really well suited for applications in which you need to suck out grains, wood chips and other kinds of materials. This kind of hose has a smooth interior and it offers plenty of flexibility and is lightweight but durable. The downside is that such kind of industrial vacuum hose can be rather expensive and is not suitable for sucking out sharp metal chips and it is not very easy to pull around corners.

However, there is another kind of industrial vacuum hose which also provides heavy duty usage and is especially durable and tough while still managing to retain its flexibility. However, it is two inches in size and so may not be very useful if you need to perform handwork for sustained periods of time and in tight places.

Such an industrial vacuum hose is not very heavy but despite that, women operators might find this two inch hose to be a bit too unwieldy for them. Male operators however will not have any trouble in using such an industrial vacuum hose.

The hose is PVC rubber blended and has a lot of carbon content which enables it to dissipate static and this is what makes it very handy for use in applications that produce much static. Such an industrial vacuum hose is not very costly and is pretty flexible despite the fact that it is also very tough and durable. It has smooth interiors and dissipates static. All in all, it is a truly useful kind of industrial vacuum hose.

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