Industrial Vacuum Sweeper

Industrial Vacuum Sweeper

Choosing an industrial vacuum sweeper requires careful consideration. There are a number of options available that you can choose from according to how well each industrial vacuum sweeper suits your needs. The Profi Flipper industrial vacuum sweeper is manually operated and is perfect for sweeping up smaller areas that range from one hundred to two hundred square meters in size. This kind of industrial vacuum sweeper will collect dirt without any difficulty and it is equipped with a container that is indestructible and made out of plastic.

Industrial vacuum – Hamster 500

The Hamster 500 industrial vacuum sweeper is a good option for those who wish to sweep up hard floors as well as carpeted floors. These sweepers can be operated manually and are easy to operate and at the same time will do an efficient job of cleaning up surfaces on a daily basis.

Hamster 780

This is an efficient vacuum sweeper that is handy for sweeping up areas of up to five hundred square meters. It is available as petrol driven and also as battery driven unit.

Jonas 900 & 980

The Jonas 900 industrial vacuum sweeper is compact in size and is a perfect for sweeping up indoor as well as outdoor spaces. If you wish to use it for external use then you should pick a model that is petrol driven and which is equipped with a hydrostatic drive. The Jonas 980 is also compact and a good industrial vacuum sweeper that is ideal for use in warehouses, factories and in dispatch areas as well as car park ramps.

Hakomatic B10 and B12

The Hakomatic B10 industrial vacuum sweeper is ultra compact and is able to sweep at speeds of up to 1400 square meters per hour and will provide a good option for sweeping up restricted areas. The B12, on the other hand, is compact and very handy to have around. It can be used to clean up small areas and is equipped with a plate brush that will ensure smoothest cleaning of hard floors.

Hakomatic B30

The Hakomatic B30 is an excellent industrial vacuum sweeper and one that offers quick as well as easy cleaning of areas that range from small in size to medium sizes. It is very maneuverable and compact and is useful to have around. If you need to clean non-textile floors, then you should use the Hakomatic B45 and for wet sweeping of medium and also large sized areas, you should make use of the Hakomatic B90 industrial vacuum sweeper.

There are several other industrial vacuum sweepers that you can think about using. For more information regarding the best industrial vacuum sweeper, it is important that you take a look at what Hako Machines UK has to offer. This company is the direct subsidiary of the Hako Werke GmBH and is a good source for all kinds of floor cleaning equipment including industrial vacuum sweepers and more.

Hako has earned an enviable reputation and has been very successful in providing the most flexible and innovative solutions to suit individual requirements.

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