Industrial Vacuum

Industrial Vacuum

An industrial vacuum is able to pick up a large quantity of material as well as large amounts of liquids. These items of equipment can be portable and they may also be a part of a centralized vacuum system. In most cases, an industrial vacuum is powered up by either electricity or gasoline but it can even be powered by compressed air. These devices are also available in a variety of configurations.

Industrial Vacuum –various types

The industrial vacuum can vary in type from a single operator unit to an industrial vacuum loader and even to industrial vacuum trucks. Backpack vacuums and ride-on vacuums and canister vacuums are good examples of the single operator industrial vacuum. In the case of industrial vacuum cleaners, there are four types to choose from including the positive displacement, centrifugal, turbine and regenerative systems.

Backpack, portable etc

If you are interested in industrial vacuum then you can choose from several options including backpack, portable, central and stationary as well as vehicle transport cleaners. The backpack variety is self contained and can obviously be worn by the operator and carried on their backs. The central vacuum system is a package comprising of tubes and wall inlets as well as accessories that will be connected to a vacuum power device which collects dust as well as other matter.

Portable cleaner

The portable variety is designed to make such a industrial vacuum cleaner easy to carry about by an operator. The stationary varieties are normally mounted on the walls or on the floor and are designed for use by either a single operator or even multiple operators. The larger vehicle transport units are those that have to be moved by vehicles and can be trailer mounted of car mounted.

Check specifications

When checking the specifications of an industrial vacuum cleaner you will need to look for system power and airflow as well as vacuum pressure. In addition, you have to also take into account factors such as maximum number of operators or inlets and storage capacity of hoppers, bins and tanks. The airflow is the velocity of air stream that is created by the industrial vacuum cleaner. There are a few such industrial vacuum cleaners that can also filter dry material. Other varieties take care of filtration of wet material.

In any case, you can easily use industrial vacuum for use with coolants, abrasives and even oil mist. They can also be sued with explosive media and powders of a fine kind as well as for cleaning up in general. These industrial vacuums can also be used for picking up litter and for cleaning up media that does not flow freely.

An industrial vacuum can differ in the number and type of features included in the unit. There are several options available including different duty cycles, filtering and even suitability for clean-rooms. A clean-room industrial vacuum will be designed especially to handle applications involving a clean-room. On the other hand, a continuous duty industrial vacuum is rated for hundred percent duty cycle which means that it is perfect for constant usage. The HEPA or high efficiency particulate air filters are another option that you should be familiar with.

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