Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Essentially, industrial vacuum pumps are used for removing molecules of gas from sealed environments and from chambers. Such pumps are able to create partial vacuum in the environment in which it is being used. Before using industrial vacuum pumps, it makes sense to find out more about how these can best be used.

Industrial vacuum –special functions

Industrial vacuum pumps have special functions that make it necessary to pick only those industrial vacuum pumps that suit your main needs. Industrial vacuum pumps are widely used in the production of vacuum tubes and electric lamps because there is need to leave the device evacuated so that it can then be filled with a special kind of gas or even a gas mixture.

Medical processes

Industrial vacuum pumps are also used in those medical processes that require suction. In addition, these industrial vacuum pumps are also used in the semiconductor processing industry including ion implantation and dry etching as well as in the deposition of PECVD, CVD, ALD and PVD. These pumps are also used in analytic instrumentation so as to help in performing proper analysis of liquid, solid, surface, gas and bio materials. There are also many other applications in which there are need to make use of industrial vacuum pumps.

Two types

In fact, there are two types of industrial vacuum pumps that need to be used in series or in parallel. The objective is to increase the suctioning power. In order to create elevated levels of vacuum, there is also need to use materials that can withstand very high heat and pressure levels during the generation of vacuum.

Withstand high amount of heat and pressure

This means that greases and oils and rubber gaskets as well as plastic that are to be used in the sealing of chambers have to be especially capable of withstanding the high amount of heat and pressure that is generated during the vacuuming process. However, there are alternative solutions such as making use of systems that create vacuum through use of liquid nitrogen that cools the chambers to a temperature that will be lower than room temperature.

When it comes to picking the best industrial vacuum pumps, it is important to take a look at all the available options and then you need to find out how each suits your particular needs. There are different makes and models of industrial vacuum pumps to choose from. For example, you may want to use oil sealed rotary high vacuum pumps or you may prefer using direct drive rotary high vacuum pumps. Other options that are worth finding out more about include water ring type vacuum pumps, direct drive water ring vacuum pumps, double stage water ring vacuum pumps and rotary vane vacuum pressure pumps.

Sometimes, it is necessary to use oil free diaphragm vacuum pressure pumps while other requirements will necessitate use of piston type dry vacuum pumps. For all kinds of industrial vacuum pumps, it pays to visit the website of the company known as Vacuum Pumps UK. This is an established and internationally recognized company that specializes in providing vacuum pumping solutions to end users, OEMs and resale markets.

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