Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

The right industrial vacuum cleaners are those that are able to handle all kinds of industrial cleaning tasks. Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners are a good option and are available as dry only and wet/dry as well as wet only and even as HEPA varieties. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from different kinds of industrial vacuum cleaners.

Industrial vacuum –different kinds

There are industrial vacuum cleaners for cleaning warehouses, flood and water, heavy stuff, and waste oil and for light industrial needs.

Warehouse floors

Warehouse floors need to be kept spotlessly clean. Cleaning these floors with the help of brooms will only result in stirring up of dust and the task will also take forever to complete, when done by hand. It is therefore a good idea to make use of industrial vacuum cleaners that are designed to clean warehouse floors quickly and efficiently. These industrial vacuum cleaners can quickly and effectively clean up large warehouse floors and can also lift dust (fine) from the floor that was left behind by forklifts. These industrial vacuum cleaners are also good at lifting up the dust without stirring any of it up.

Clean wood shops and joinery shops

Similarly, it is important to choose different industrial vacuum cleaners for cleaning up wood shops and even joinery shops. It is important that your woodworking shop is kept spotlessly clean as only a clean shop will be safe to work in. All you need to do to ensure such cleanliness is select the best industrial vacuum cleaners that need to have sufficient power to suck out the wood shavings and saw dust as well as tiny wood lumps.

Extract floor water

There are separate industrial vacuum cleaners that need to be used for extracting flood water and also to remove sludge. These wet industrial vacuum cleaners have their own pumps which help to empty out the water and/or sludge in a safe and effective manner. A good industrial vacuum cleaner will be able to suck up water at one gallon per second. You will also need to use wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaners to suck up liquids as well as flood water sludge. These industrial vacuum cleaners can also work at speeds of one gallon per second.

Clean up heavy waste

If you need to clean up heavy waste then you will need to use special industrial vacuum cleaners. Many years ago, this job was difficult and also quite dangerous though now with the introduction of special industrial vacuum cleaners this work can be done quickly and efficiently and with minimum fuss or bother. These machines can empty out heavy loads including waste rubble.

To clean up waste oil that is produced by CNC and milling as well as production machines, you need to pick special industrial vacuum cleaners. These items of equipment can suck everything up at speeds of one gallon per second. These industrial vacuum cleaners can do than suck up heavy waste as they are also capable of cleaning up swarf as well as metal chippings.

For these and other industrial vacuum cleaners, it pays to take a look at a company called Big Brute that operates in the United Kingdom and has all kinds of industrial vacuum cleaners to suit all kinds of industrial cleaning needs.

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